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Loom Knitted Wrist Warmers/Fingerless Gloves Tutorial


I finally figured out how to make fingerless gloves using a round loom! I thought I would share my tutorial on it.

What you’ll need:

Smallest round loom (for my set it was the green loom)

loom hook

crochet hook (any size)

yarn (double or single yarn)

For my gloves I knitted with two strands. However, you can do this with only one yarn/strand (if you are doing it with just one yarn please refer to the notes at the bottom of this tutorial). To do this tutorial you will also need to know how to make the following stitches: knit stitch, purl stitch, and how to bind off/single crochet off (all of these stitches have been linked to YouTube tutorial videos for your convenience).

To begin you will wrap all the pegs once using the basic e-wrap method. Then begin the second row knit 2 pegs, then purl 2 pegs. Do this for 6 rows. This should create a ribbing effect.

Knit stitch 5 rows.

After the 5 rows, you will begin the thumb hole. The thumb hole is made by knitting from peg 1 to 24, and from 24 back to 1. DO NOT KNIT BETWEEN PEGS 24 AND 1. Picture example:

beginning thumb hole:

almost completed thumb hole:

completed thumb hole, beginning to knit the body of the glove:

Knit back and forth 6 times  to create thumb hole (back and forth counts as 1).

Continue knitting around for 36 rows or until it reaches desired length.

You will begin the end ribbing at this point. Knit 2, purl 2 for 6 more rows.

Then bind off/single crochet your project. Makes sure you tie off the ends well.

Now you’ve finished one wrist warmer! You will repeat this process for the second wrist warmer. Then you’ll have a pair! :)

If you do use this tutorial for your wrist warmers to sell, I do ask that you give credit back to my blog or this tutorial. Simply add “Pattern by Melli’s Mish Mash” and if possible link back to this post. Thank you!

Side Notes:

Note 1: If you find the crochet/binding off part is too tight for your upper arm, do the pattern in reverse, and finish off with this portion as the finger part! This may help open up the other side and may fit the arm better. You can also use different loom sizes depending on how big or small your arm is. If you want to go smaller, using a flower loom would be the next option!

Note 2: If you are using single yarn you will need to extend the body of the glove by doing 54  rows. When using the single yarn the stitches are much smaller, therefore the body of the glove will not be as long as intended when done with double yarn. For the thumb part you will knit back and forth 7 times instead of 6.

Note 3: From finishing the thumb hole to the next part of ribbing, knit 8 rows when using a single yarn.

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110 thoughts on “Loom Knitted Wrist Warmers/Fingerless Gloves Tutorial

  1. These are so cute. Great job on them.

  2. I working on this now would love to add them to my shop

    • As long as you give due credit to this blog/my tutorial I have no problem you selling them! Good luck.

      • You know I will give you credit because you figured out some thing I did not even know how to start and wanted to lol I have changed it up a bit but for the better I think I am doing a u-wrap stitch and going to do a flat panel bind off to give the same size on both ends

  3. up for sale on store envy thank you and you have credit in product info with a link to your blog

  4. Love love love these… But could you please oh please make a video on how to do this. Much <3

  5. Do you by chance know how much yarn (yards) you used to do these?

    • When using Caron Simply Soft, I used maybe half of the skein I purchased. When using Loops and threads brand I would use about 3/4 of the skein. Good luck and post pics if you do make them!

  6. Hi, I am a new loom knitter and I have some questions about your wrist warmers.
    1. When you cast on by using e-wrap method for the first row, you then knit 2 pegs purl 2 pegs. Do you wrap that row first or wrap as you go to do the knit 2 purl 2 pegs?
    2. When you knit back and forth between 1-24 is that the nit stitch again? And are you using the knit stitch for last 36 rows.

    • Welcome! Loom knitting is so much fun!
      The cast-on is e-wrap! so one row is all e-wrap then you start your k/p patterns
      Yes, when you knit back and forth it is the knit stitch again! Everything is a knit stitch EXCEPT the k/p portions (ruffle/ribbing) which are the top and bottom of the wrist warmers :)
      Hope that helps!

  7. Hi again, I just have to clarify one thing as i am a bit confused. After the first row that is e-wrap, do you wrap the second row completely before beginning to knit 2 purl 2 or wrap each peg then knit 2 purl 2? I guess I am just trying to see what is easier. ,Abe there is in difference . Also can I use a bulky yarn. It happens to match a hat and scarf I already made for my sons girlfriend and my son has asked me to make her the wrist warmers! Fun! How long did it take to make the set?
    Thanks again

    • No, the first row is the only e-wrap row. Once there is one row of e-wrap you begin to knit/purl. So your second row is the first row of k/p.
      You can use whichever yarn you want. At the bottom in the notes are additional suggestions if you’re using only one strand of yarn vs the 2 shown in the tutorial. A pair of wrist warmers takes me about a week or two to complete, but I do a lot of projects at one time, and also have a very busy 2 year old! It could take as little as a few days if you work on them non-stop!
      good luck :) Please share pics when you’re done!

  8. Hi Mellis, I have started the wrist warmers tonight and I am about to start the thumb hole. Do I start the knit stitch at peg 1 which is the reverse of the direction I was knit stitching in? It seems awkward to knit the opposite direction? I have the working yarn sitting in between peg 1 and peg 24 and don’t know which way to go?

    • It is awkward knit stitching in the reverse direction, but that is the only way I have found to do the thumb portions. The pictures above should show the pegs.
      When you’re between peg 1 and 24 go in the opposite direction. So if you’re going clock-wise go counter clock-wise or vice versa. The pictures above should be more descriptive too.
      Good luck.

  9. When I started with my first row of ewrap I was going counter clock wise. Then for my first row of k2p2 I went clockwise. I guess I have to go counter clockwise to start the first row? Wy does back and forth count as 1 row?

    • Yes, go counter clockwise then, then at peg 24 go the other way, and keep going back and forth until you finish the thumb portion.
      It counts as one so that the counting is easier. You could count it as two and just double the rows you make. It’s really up to you! I wrote the pattern to how it made sense to me :)

  10. Thanks sooo much for posting this… I have been searching for a pattern to make these.
    I think I may just have to alter the thumb hole count… I’m finding that they tend to be a tad to big.
    I have managed to make a pair in roughly 2-3 hours!!! Thank you again sooo much!

  11. Hi Mellis, I have a question about making scaves on the pink long loom. I cant seem to find the answer anywhere online. I want to make two scarves for my son and son-in-law but I want to e-wrap all the way around the loom? Is that possible to do for a scarf or do I end up with a tube? I have already made two scarves for my daughter and son’s girlfriend but used the figure 8 wrap which looks pretty. I want something more masculine for the guys so thought the ewrap would look better for theirs. Can you help with this question? Also, I can do a single panel for the one scarf because its a super chunky yarn but don’t know how to turn my yarn around to go back down the loom the second row?

    • Laurie,
      You would most likely end up with a tube. You can use the round loom, but e-wrap a flat panel, which will make a scarf too.
      I’m sorry, I don’t understand the second question. If you’re going back on the long loom, it would be just like your previous scarves…
      If you go on youtube, and search for Isela Phelps, she has amazing videos and is a great loomer. You might find the answer to your questions there :)

  12. Hi, I started this pattern and i am at the thumb how many times do you go back and forth before continuing?

  13. Ohhh i get it :)

  14. This is so fun looking! Am going to make a pair for myself :) One fun thing for me for Christmas! Have a blessed Christmas, Melli :)

  15. These look great! I look forward to trying these out today.

  16. I am fairly new to loom knitting, so far I can only do a basic hat and a scarf, Im really excited to start on these….Thanks so much for posting these directions.

  17. Just finished my warmers. First thing I ever knitted or loom knitted. LOVE THEM!!!! Thank you soooo much for this tutorial….very well written and east to follow!!

  18. Best instructions I have found. The best looking and the easiest to follow.

  19. Is there a video for the wraist warmers?

    • No there is not. I have not made one yet. Is it something you would be interested in viewing? If I have enough interest I would consider doing a video.

      • Yes very much I am a beginner and want to make them for my friends birthday Feb 20. I have been checking the web.

      • Have you seen the videos at the beginning of the tutorial that show all the different things you will need to know in order to make them? I do not know if I will be able to make a video before the 20th but I can try.

  20. I know a few more ladies that are looking also.

  21. I tried to follow this pattern with the same loom(small green/boye brand), but the warmer came out huge. How do I fix that? Thanks.

    • How tight were your stitches? Did they appear to be as small as the pictures above?
      What type of yarn did you use?
      Without pictures or more details I’m afraid I don’t know what else to suggest.

      • I used a bulky yarn because I didn’t have 2 medium strands to put together. I will try it again after I get different thread and send a picture

      • I haven’t tried wrist warmers with super bulky yarn. I’ve made them with a single strand of medium yarn and double stranded medium yarn.

  22. Hello how are you? Just wanted to let you know that I didn’t think I would be able to do the wristie without a video but I followed the pattern. And it turned out Great. Thank you very much. They will be a great birthday present for a friend.

  23. How would one go about making it tighter if its a bit loose? Or make it tighter ad you’re knitting?

    • I think that would be your tension. Trying to just knit as tight as possible would be my suggestion.
      If you have the martha stewart looms I think you can make them almost any size, you could always go down a peg or two using those. But I’ve never used them before.

      • Oh I see. And yea I do have one of those. The round green one. I have really small arms and in making one but it’s way to big by the looks of it ;-;

  24. hey i am trying so hard to do this design and i get frustrated when i can’t do it. can u maybe show me a little be better, if u could please?

  25. I made my first wrist warmer tonight and it was perfect. But I couldn’t get my hand to fit inside of it. I’m not sure if I need to loosen my tension on knitting it or if I might need to make a loom to fit me.

  26. can you tell me the number of pegs I don’t have a green small loom? Thanks

  27. Love your pattern! I am admin for a new Facebook Group… Loom Knitters Loom A Long ( I would like to use your pattern for our Loom A Long for September 2013. Would you like to join in on the fun?

    Thanks! Charity

  28. What size should I do for a 13 year old girl? thanks

    • It depends on how big she is. My 16 year old sister wore a pair I made just fine. I put them on after her and they fit me too (I’m overweight). After you make the pair, stretch them out to make them longer and skinnier. This helps in fitting them to smaller people.

  29. Did you ever say what colors you used on the sample pair? My daughter saw them and said they are cool and she wants a pair just like them. She is 8 and blue is now her favorite color. I hope to hear from you soon as that may change in like 5 minutes. LOL Girls gotta love them!

    • I think I used mint or pagoda (or a blue or some sort) by caron simply soft and a black from caron simply soft :) For some reason I never wrote down the yarns I used for these in my ravelry page! Good luck :)

      • Thanks Im actually starting with a pair for a friend that is going to be made out of the spirit yarn Red Heart makes. She is a cowboys fan and they make a blue and grey. If you use 1 strand they will be striped but Im putting them together one gray and one blue section so they will be like the ones you made. Hoping to get them done by tomorrow.

  30. Ok got a question, I am using the blue kniffty knitter, and using two strands of red heart neon black light yarn…and it is tooo big for me, and I am a well rounded little Chickie. When i look at the ones everyone else is doing they look smaller. Mine is still on the loom, and I am sorta irritated with me and it lol In fact so irritated, i want to eat more spice cake to get it to fit…lol. Any ideas? AND THANK YOU FOR THIS PATTERN do so love it.

    • Are you using the knit stitch that is linked in this tutorial? If not, and are using a e-wrap or a different stitch, then it will make it bigger. Other than that, I would make sure you’re knitting tightly. If this does not work, other people have suggested using a martha stewart set up of 18 pegs.

  31. I do not have a small enough round loom, the one I have that is my smallest KK loom is 31 pegs. I can make a square 34 peg with my Martha Stewart loom though, would that work?

  32. I am having trouble getting mine to come out snug enough. I have a 24 peg nifty knitter and have tried using one strand and two strands and my finished product comes out too loose fitting. What am I doing wrong?

    • Are you doing the knit stitch or are you doing an e-wrap? Make sure you are doing the knit stitch that is demonstrated via the youtube video in the post
      if you are doing the knit stitch, are you stretching out the wrist warmer after it is done? Stretching it out will make it longer and thinner.
      If none of these are working, you can try an 18 peg configuration using a Martha Stewart loom set. Good luck.

      • Oh man now I know where I messed up. Not sure if I can redo by 11/10

        Sent from my iPhone

      • I discovered that i was using the ewrap thinking it was the knit stitch. I tried again alternating rows of ewrap with knit stitch using two strands and that worked. I actually used a 12 peg loom used for flowers for this. I will send you a pic if i can figure out how. Thanks for your help!

      • That sounds great! I’m glad you were able to make it work :) I’ll gladly look at your pics! Thanks for sharing.

      • It just occurred to me that what I ended out doing was the stockinette stitch. I’ll try and send a pic tomorrow.

  33. Thank you for having posted this, I found a book with fingerless gloves in it at Wal-Mart and just glancing at it..COMPLICATED, then i find your instructions and within ten minutes I started mine because i want them to go with a scarf my mother knitted me and a hat she made on a round loom, they are started to come along and I’ve adjusted the thumb hole slightly yours was slightly big for me. Can’t wait to share the finish product though and possibly make a few pair for Christmas presents this year.

  34. Want to thank you for sharing this. I made my first pair and they are really cute . You make it so easy to follow. Thank you again

  35. This is so fun! I am almost done with my first pair. I will post a pic when finished. What great Christmas presents these will make! Thanks so much for the wonderful instructions!

  36. Hi, I found your tutorial in Pinterest. I never used a loom, but your tutorial is super! Wanna see what I made of it? You can take a peek at
    Thank you, thank you!!!

  37. I am new to loom knitting, i love all your projects they are so cool and the way you present how to make them is wonderful. I think i will try the fingerless gloves first.. This is by far the best website or you tube directions i have seen.

  38. Hi there. Hoping you can help me. When I did the thumb hole I wound up with one strand of yarn crossing between 1 and 24. Any idea what I could have done wrong?

    • You could have gone too far and knitted between the two pegs without realizing it. You’re going to have to fix that by taking out all the rows until that row, and undoing it.

  39. This may seem like a really simple question with an obvious answer, but I don’t know the answer so I am going to ask you. So after you have finished the arm warmers, what do you do with the string that was hooked onto the anchor peg at the start of the project? do you tie it in a knot, or crochet around the top too?

    • I tie it off, then weave it into that first row and tie it a few times while weaving it in. Then cut off whatever’s left when I make it back to the first initial knot. That’s what I do though, I don’t know if there’s a proper or better rway to do it. Good luck!

  40. Can you make a video of making the thumb hole please? I am just not understaning what you are doing.

    • At this time I do not have any videos made for my pattern. It may be something I do in the future.
      WHat exactly is confusing you about the thumbhole?

    • I might be able to explain this in a way that you can understand without a video. It’s really very simple once you catch on. You know how you have been going around in one direction with your knitting, say clockwise, starting at the sideways peg where you tied off at the beginning. Well, when you are ready to start your thumbhole, instead of continuing around in the same direction , you reverse direction at the sideways peg. Knit around until you get to that peg again, but stop and reverse direction again, leaving a gap between the first peg and the last peg. Keep knitting around, then reversing direction, leaving the gap instead of knitting across it, until the thumb hole is the length you want. At that point, knit across, closing the gap, and continue knitting in one direction as you did before. I hope that helps.

  41. Thanks a lot for this tutorial! I will try it!

    Bye from Italy,

  42. I have been searching for a pattern for these… I’m new to the loom. A lot of patterns are very confusing if you are new to yarn work. Thank you for instructions that are easy to follow…. I didn’t even have to look for a video :) Thanks again

  43. I appreciate so much this tutorial, would it be possible to make the same pattern on a long loom? if so, how? please, it would be great if you make a video, either with a floeer loom or with the long one :)

    • You can make it on the long loom you just need loom clips in the middle to make it round. I am still considering doing videos. I am also in the process of making an in depth PDF of this pattern with additional pictures and tips that may be for sale soon in my shop. Thank you for your comment!

  44. My daughter is curious how you got the look that you did of them looking like a digital pattern. I know you used 2 strands you said a blue and black simply soft. It looks like there are blocks of blue and blocks of that just from the knitting and purling and such?

  45. Is it possible to do the handwarmers completely in ribbed stitch? if so, what effect would it have on the look of them?

  46. Love the look of these. I have used the smallest loom from my set (blue knifty knitter 24 pegs) and mine are bigger than my arm and hand. How do I make it a tighter fit?? Thanks!

    • Did you use the e-wrap stitch or the linked knit stitch? Using the e-wrap stitch will make them super loose compared to using the knit stitch.
      also if you used the knit stitch, then you could try using an 18 peg loom (which you can find online or use a martha stewart loom set in a roung 18 peg configuration).

  47. Thanks! I was e-wrapping the stitch. I’m new to looming and didn’t know there were so many versions of the knit stitch. I think I might try the seed stitch with these and see how they look. :)

  48. You stated instead of using the crochet/bind off method you can finish like the top part of the loom(in other words the way you started. I have finished the bottom like the top. How do you bind off? Do I just take it off the loom? Sorry if this is a stupid question.

    • I’m sorry I thought I worded it correctly. You do the crochet bind off. When I said you finish the top part like the bottom part, it meant you do the same ribbing effect as seen on the other side of the wrist warmer.

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