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Loom Knitted Wrist Warmers/Fingerless Gloves Tutorial

I finally figured out how to make fingerless gloves using a round loom! I thought I would share my tutorial on it.

What you’ll need:

Smallest round loom (for my set it was the green loom)

loom hook

crochet hook (any size)

yarn (double or single yarn)

For my gloves I knitted with two strands. However, you can do this with only one yarn/strand (if you are doing it with just one yarn please refer to the notes at the bottom of this tutorial). To do this tutorial you will also need to know how to make the following stitches: knit stitch, purl stitch, and how to bind off/single crochet off (all of these stitches have been linked to YouTube tutorial videos for your convenience).

To begin you will wrap all the pegs once using the basic e-wrap method. Then begin the second row knit 2 pegs, then purl 2 pegs. Do this for 6 rows. This should create a ribbing effect.

Knit stitch 5 rows.

After the 5 rows, you will begin the thumb hole. The thumb hole is made by knitting from peg 1 to 24, and from 24 back to 1. DO NOT KNIT BETWEEN PEGS 24 AND 1. Picture example:

beginning thumb hole:

almost completed thumb hole:

completed thumb hole, beginning to knit the body of the glove:

Knit back and forth 6 times  to create thumb hole (back and forth counts as 1).

Continue knitting around for 36 rows or until it reaches desired length.

You will begin the end ribbing at this point. Knit 2, purl 2 for 6 more rows.

Then bind off/single crochet your project. Makes sure you tie off the ends well.

Now you’ve finished one wrist warmer! You will repeat this process for the second wrist warmer. Then you’ll have a pair! 🙂

If you do use this tutorial for your wrist warmers to sell, I do ask that you give credit back to my blog or this tutorial. Simply add “Pattern by Melli’s Mish Mash” and if possible link back to this post. Thank you!

Side Notes:

Note 1: If you find the crochet/binding off part is too tight for your upper arm, do the pattern in reverse, and finish off with this portion as the finger part! This may help open up the other side and may fit the arm better. You can also use different loom sizes depending on how big or small your arm is. If you want to go smaller, using a flower loom would be the next option!

Note 2: If you are using single yarn you will need to extend the body of the glove by doing 54  rows. When using the single yarn the stitches are much smaller, therefore the body of the glove will not be as long as intended when done with double yarn. For the thumb part you will knit back and forth 7 times instead of 6.

Note 3: From finishing the thumb hole to the next part of ribbing, knit 8 rows when using a single yarn.

152 thoughts on “Loom Knitted Wrist Warmers/Fingerless Gloves Tutorial

  1. This is a great pattern. Thank you so much! I just started working with it yesterday. The opening for the fingers is a little loose so I think I need to tweak my method or something. Did you have any issues with that?

    1. I would just do less rows for the thumb hole if you find it’s too loose or too big. The great thing about this pattern is you can do more or less rows anywhere in the pattern and you’ll still get a wrist warmer! Good luck and I hope this helps.

  2. I can’t wait to make. I was wondering can you make the length shorter?

    Thanks for Sharing. Awesome Work

  3. Where did you get you loom? I am looking for this specific kind–with the rounded top–with the notch in it— not just the flat top. I cannot find it at all!! Please email Kristi.RAKJ@gmail.com if you don’t mind! I would have a veeerrry grateful customer!

    1. You can get a 4 pack of different sizes at any yarn or craft store. I’m making numerous sets of these for Christmas

    1. I used one skein of each color and had a lot of the skein left over.
      The tutorial states that I used a 24 peg round loom. You can use any loom to give you the size you want.

  4. I have a bulky weight fleece yarn that I want to make these with. I am wondering if I would still need to double the strand? Thank You for the nifty pattern!

  5. The first set I made were too loose at fingers and too tight at forearm. What can I do to help this?

  6. Tried it on a 24 peg loom but it´s too big.Maybe my hands are too small.I will try it on a smaller loom again.

  7. this writ warmer was so easy but i did not not know what it meant whene it said purl 2 pegs can someone help me out!i also have a facebook

  8. Hey there. What a lovely glove you knitted over there. Do you mind. If we* your fans would love if you make a video tutorial. So it would be easier for us to learn. Furthermore, you would gain subscriber and likers😊

    1. I have considered doing a video tutorial but it is not something that I see in my immediate future, especially since I have started Grad school. I will continue to toss around the idea 🙂

  9. Have just about finished one glove and it’s just too big (did it on a 24 peg loom) – no problem with thumb hole, but seems I need a 20 peg loom and there isn’t one that I know of ;-( guess I could sew a seam to take it in, but am open to better suggestions. Thanks

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