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Epic Iced Coffee Drink!

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This is the best coffee drink I’ve ever had! It’s better than my usual Starbucks coffee!


Instant Coffee

Chocolate flavoring (can be found in the coffee aisle at WalMart)

Chocolate syrup

Coffee creamer (liquid, any flavor of your choosing)




Begin by putting ice in the bottom of the blender. Pour in milk (milk is based on how many people this is for). Add coffee creamer, a squeeze of chocolate syrup, 2 spoonfuls of chocolate flavoring, 2.5 spoonfuls of instant coffee. Blend it all together until smooth. Pour into your glass, top off with whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate syrup and enjoy!


There are currently no pictures, my sister and I enjoyed them very quickly after we made this coffee! Pictures coming soon 🙂


Author: mellismishmash

My name is Melli! Live in sunny AZ. Social worker. Loom knitter. Small business owner. Mommy to cutest hobbit child ever!

One thought on “Epic Iced Coffee Drink!

  1. Sounds so good in this heat

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