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Epic Blue and Black Sparkle Cowl!


So exciting news… I participated in a Loom Along project with my friend Aradia, from Aradia’s Hand. We decided to make cowls this time, and since we could not find any tutorials, we came up with our own patterns! While we both used the biggest round loom, our patterns are different. If you guys like this, then I will happily write up a tutorial on how I made this one! Don’t hesitate to ask 🙂

This cowl has also been listed in my Etsy store, if you would like to take it home! Get it HERE.

Now, time to bombard you with pictures!! These are all shots of the cowl, I will hopefully have a picture of myself or someone else wearing it so you can see it on a person =)

Hope you like it, and if you want the tutorial, leave your request in a reply!

Author: mellismishmash

My name is Melli! Live in sunny AZ. Social worker. Loom knitter. Small business owner. Mommy to cutest hobbit child ever!

6 thoughts on “Epic Blue and Black Sparkle Cowl!

  1. I just love this cowl and have been wanting to make myself one but am not sure how how to cast off on the round loom since all I know how to knit is hats!! If you want to share, please do! 🙂


    • Hello! Thank you for your comment first and foremost 🙂
      I originally learned this method when I made my wrist warmers (tutorial is on this blog if you’re interested!). This is the video I used to learn:
      The video is very descriptive. My only other piece of advice is to make sure when you are crocheting off, you make the chains as loose as possible! If you crochet it too tightly you may find that the cowl will not fit over your head!
      Good luck 🙂 If you try to make this or make it, please share pictures!


  2. I would very much appreciate the tutorial!!;) thanks so much!

  3. I would really love to have the tutorial. Thank you very kindly.

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