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Newest Messenger Bag

I’ve been slacking on updating! I have a few posts lined up, just have to type them out 🙂

My latest in loom knitting is this messenger bag! Made from yarn called Jazzy Stripes, this is a jazzy messenger bag! It is what I consider to be a “small” messenger bag in that it is made with my smallest long loom. I think my next project will be a medium sized messenger bag. The small messenger bag has been double stranded and is a bit thicker. This bag is big enough for you to carry the essentials when you go out, or if this is a gift for your daughter, niece, cousin, etc, they can carry around a few toys and must have items while you’re out and about!

tab lifted

tab lifted

The bag body

The bag body





Button close up

Button close up

I also just got a dress form model 🙂 Here’s a semi-decent example of what’s to come!


P.S. If you LOVE this bag and have to have it… you can get it HERE 🙂


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Custom LSU Colored Set

This order came to from an Army buddy of mine 🙂 She requested two hats, a scarf and wrist warmers in purple and yellow which are LSU’s team colors! I was more than happy to make all of these, though I will admit it took me almost three weeks to finish!

Here are some of the final pictures I was able to get before shipping the items off to her 🙂






These were all made with two different yarns, both 100% acrylic. I’m pleased to say, she liked them a lot!

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Rainbow Time!

It appears it is rainbow time! My two newest works are a rainbow ear flap hat with tassels, and a rainbow ruffle scarf! Also in the works is a set of neon wrist warmers 😉 Neon must be in! lol

Here are some of the pictures. I am still debating on listing these items or not. Both were loom knitted (yes the ruffle scarf was made on a loom!!!!) and are epically colorful and awesome!

Enjoy ❤






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New Striped Hat!

My other striped hat took a quick tour of my Etsy store for a day, before POOF! Someone scooped that bad boy up. So I made this guy to replace it with 🙂 I added a different color and think it looks great!

I’m also getting ready for my craft show tomorrow! Be ready to read all about it in the next few days, I’m super pumped!! Just a little business talk- the storefront will be closed all day Saturday, December 8, while I attend the Holiday Boutique event (craft show) here in Buckeye, AZ! If you’re in the area, come visit me! There will be lots of games, vendors and things to do for everyone!

That aside…. here are pics of the new hat! I’m also working on a custom LSU colored set, that hopefully I can finish up next week! Besides that, I am working on Christmas Gifts and also a pair of neon wrist warmers! I’m planning on starting a cowl, so that I can make that tutorial several of you have asked for 🙂

You guys rock!





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Snowflake Scarf

Here’s the latest item off of my loom- Snowflake scarf! It is a snowflake scarf, because that is what the yarn is called! This scarf is really long and soft, and measures approximately 72 inches in length!

I was recently told I have been accepted into a local Arts and Crafts Fair, so I will be taking all my jewelry items and everything else I can make. The dates are November 17th and 18th, so if you’re around or near Surprise, AZ on those days, you should stop by! 🙂