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Valentine’s Day Sale!

Hello everyone!

I thought it would be so cute to have a Valentine’s Day sale, and have the discount be 14% off! From February 1st through February 15th you can use this discount on both my Etsy store and Storenvy store (whichever platform suits your shopping needs and wants!). Here’s the pretty graphic I made up for it 🙂 Feel free to share this graphic on your social media! Happy Shopping!

Valentine's Day Sale!

Valentine’s Day Sale!


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Kid Hats!

I have recently decided to make some loom knitted hats. I decided to start with newborn hats and toddler hats! I picked out my baby yarns and off to work I went! I then decided to make them in toddler AND newborn sizes, so that if someone liked a hat in one size, they could have it in the other size they needed 🙂 Thus far, I have made four hats, two for boys and two for girls! I have more baby yarn, and will hopefully be making more hats to list just for you guys 🙂

If anyone is interested in a hat tutorial, let me know and I’d be happy to make it for you 🙂

Girl Hats:

Newborn hat:

Toddler Hat:

Boy Hats:



These hats have all been listed in my Etsy Store and are still available for sale. They work up so nicely, and I have them all double stranded to make sure they’re extra warm 🙂 They’re also incredibly soft!