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Hats, Blankets, Hooks and More!

Hello! I haven’t been around in forever it seems! I hope everyone’s doing well 🙂

I’ll make this post a fun one! Full of pictures and happy thoughts.

I took a bit of a break to focus on school and to also deal with some personal stuff. I’ve also been thinking a lot about creating a super awesome wrist warmer pattern and putting it for sale in my Etsy store. It’d be at least 10 pages of awesome pictures and instructions along with additional comments on how to make changes! Thoughts?

Moving onto the fun pictures! First, the latest slouchy berets! The San Martine one is available in the stores if you wish to take it home with you.

San Martine Slouchy beret



Custom Slouchy Beret


Now, I’m part of a loom-a-long group on Facebook. So many fun patterns to do and try out! Right now I am working on a 10-stitch blanket to be given as a gift when I am done. I am also starting a 10 stitch twist one which is being released in sections so the first section is the inner circle. Whew!


10 stitch blanket progress


Inner Circle


I have some of the sweetest friends too ❤ My friend sent me surprise mail and inside was a gorgeous new hook! I can’t wait to get started using it!

Lovely new hook!

Lovely new hook!

If you want to keep up even more, join me on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram. I post there very frequently and always enjoy meeting new people there ❤




Let’s Talk About Looms!

Recently, I have been giving a lot of advice and recommendations to people about looming, what looms to use and things to do. Helpful resources are something I am always willing to share, and I am going to start a small series here on my blog regarding different aspects of loom knitting.

For this first in the series, I am going to start with looms! There are so many looms to consider, different brands and also different shapes and types of looms. Depending on where you are in your loom knitting journey, you may or may not have looms already. Also, depending on what you want to make can help determine where you start in your loom journey and what looms to get first.

To anyone starting out, I highly recommend to start with a round loom set. My favorite round loom set is by a brand called Loops and Threads. The set has four round looms in different sizes, comes with a loom hook and a needle and basic instructions. If you use a coupon you can get this set for as little as $7 which is a price you can’t beat! I got this set and here is what they look like:

Loom knitting set from Michael's

Loom knitting set from Michael’s

These are by far my favorite round loom set. I own the Boye Loom knitting set (available at many places, even Walmart), and have had issues with them in that the pegs do not stay in easily and are always falling out. I also find it more difficult to use than the Loops and Threads brand. I also think the loom hook used for the Loops and Thread brand is better and easier to use than that in the Boye Loom knitting set.

Once you have the round looms you can do so many things with them. Hats, scarves, bags, fingerless gloves, socks etc. So starting out with these will allow you to start up making hats and learning the basics, to doing more complicated pieces like this Wesminster Eyelet Scarf I made (and yup, made it on a round loom!).


Long looms are also great. I have the Knifty Knitter set, which I have no qualms about. It works great, there are four different sizes that come in that set. The smallest one is great for basic scarves that are just the perfect size, while the longest one can make a good sized blanket. Long looms allow you to make things such as scarves and bags. If you use loom clips (they sit in the middle of the loom and allow you to make something in the round), you can even make hats or fingerless gloves, or anything that is round.

Knifty Knitter long loom set Image source:

Knifty Knitter long loom set Image source:

Another loom to note is the flower loom. This loom is the smallest of all and is primarily used to make flowers. However, this loom can also be used for other projects such as baby booties. They’re small and affordable so having one to keep on the side is definitely a safe investment. I would suggest a Knifty Knitter brand or a Loops and Threads one. The Boye brand one I got came with bent pegs and is crooked.

Flower loom Image credit:

Flower loom Image source:

All new looms, even single looms, do come with the loom hook from that brand. By buying different brands you can try out the different hooks and see what works for you. I did recently get a custom hook from Gipson Wands, they took a Loops and Thread’s metal hook portion and created a gorgeous wooden handle! It is so lightweight and perfect for looming. Here is the one I have:

Custom hook from Gipson Wands

Custom hook from Gipson Wands

If you do not want to start with just a round loom set, or just a long loom set, you can always look into the Martha Stewart Loom set. It is a set where you can make a lot of different configurations because the loom is not put together. You put it together yourself and also use whatever number of pegs you need for whatever it is you are making. This loom is a bit pricier, even using coupons it was close to $30. However, with this set, you have a long loom set, a round loom set, and also can make so many configurations that it is cost effective. It is a bit of a challenge and can seem overwhelming but there are a lot of great resources online on how to learn to use it and stuff. The hook that comes with this set is very nice, and it fits the pegs as it should. I cannot use the hook with any other looms though, as it works mostly only with this set. I have this set, and am using it now to make a Clapotis shawl which I will hopefully be debuting soon. I am also using a portion of this loom to make a ruffle scarf:

Martha Stewart loom portion to make a ruffle scarf

Martha Stewart loom portion to make a ruffle scarf

There are a few other looms, an afghan loom which is a large s-shaped loom that you use to make bigger pieces but on a loom that is more space efficient. There are socks looms of two different gauges that are perfect for just socks or when you want to make something with a very small gauge. All in one boards are also popular, I have never used one, but it is something to consider. There are mini looms now which are small enough to be called pocket looms.

I hope this has been helpful to see major differences in looms, and also to see what just one person recommends. Loom knitting as a whole has come such a far way since I started, and I can only hope to help spread some of this wisdom!

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment. I am happy to suggest or recommend other looms or give my opinion on other parts of loom knitting.


Minion Hat!

LOOK! I’m so excited about this 🙂

It all started when my best friend showed me a picture of a minion hat. She said she would LOVE one for Christmas, and if I could make it for her. I have a pretty basic knowledge of crocheting, but nothing that would help me make such an intricate character hat. So I adapted the picture for a loom! I learned so many new things, such as how to make ear flaps, add tassels, and how to make a round using a circle loom. In all essence, this is what I ended up with, and my best friend LOVED it!



He’s not 100% perfect, and if I ever make another one, I know how to make it better 🙂 If anyone’s interested in a pattern, I’d be more than happy to make a tutorial at a later date!

My brother also wanted a surprise for his girlfriend, so I made him a red hat with a pom pom on top 🙂 Here’s that hat, it was pretty fun and simple to make!



Well, that’s what’s come off my loom most recently! I will be posting another post very soon with the custom LSU colored set! I’m just about finished with the wrist warmers, got a bit of ways to go on the scarf and need to start the hats 🙂

Until next time!

Don’t forget, if you use code HOLIDAY15 in my Mish Mash store, you will get 15% off! Happy shopping!

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Luxury Wrist Warmers

This is my latest custom order of wrist warmers! Jessica, of Sew Do Something, was the lucky one who received them. They are made from one of my favorite yarns, Loops and Threads in the color called “Luxury.” I think they came out beautifully.

If you like this pair, and would like your own, here is the custom listing in my store for you to get them. As a special for the holiday season, I am offering 15% off your entire purchase if you use code HOLIDAY15 when you check out 🙂 Enjoy!

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Kid Hats!

I have recently decided to make some loom knitted hats. I decided to start with newborn hats and toddler hats! I picked out my baby yarns and off to work I went! I then decided to make them in toddler AND newborn sizes, so that if someone liked a hat in one size, they could have it in the other size they needed 🙂 Thus far, I have made four hats, two for boys and two for girls! I have more baby yarn, and will hopefully be making more hats to list just for you guys 🙂

If anyone is interested in a hat tutorial, let me know and I’d be happy to make it for you 🙂

Girl Hats:

Newborn hat:

Toddler Hat:

Boy Hats:



These hats have all been listed in my Etsy Store and are still available for sale. They work up so nicely, and I have them all double stranded to make sure they’re extra warm 🙂 They’re also incredibly soft!


Epic Blue and Black Sparkle Cowl!

So exciting news… I participated in a Loom Along project with my friend Aradia, from Aradia’s Hand. We decided to make cowls this time, and since we could not find any tutorials, we came up with our own patterns! While we both used the biggest round loom, our patterns are different. If you guys like this, then I will happily write up a tutorial on how I made this one! Don’t hesitate to ask 🙂

This cowl has also been listed in my Etsy store, if you would like to take it home! Get it HERE.

Now, time to bombard you with pictures!! These are all shots of the cowl, I will hopefully have a picture of myself or someone else wearing it so you can see it on a person =)

Hope you like it, and if you want the tutorial, leave your request in a reply!

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Ice Cream Wrist Warmers

Just finished these beauties! They make me so hungry for ice cream lol 🙂

They are made from Loops and Threads brand in Neapolitan. These wrist warmers were a project I took with me on vacation, thought I would finish right away, but I managed to finish them last night! Here are the final pictures and you can find them listed in my store HERE.