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Newest Messenger Bag

I’ve been slacking on updating! I have a few posts lined up, just have to type them out 🙂

My latest in loom knitting is this messenger bag! Made from yarn called Jazzy Stripes, this is a jazzy messenger bag! It is what I consider to be a “small” messenger bag in that it is made with my smallest long loom. I think my next project will be a medium sized messenger bag. The small messenger bag has been double stranded and is a bit thicker. This bag is big enough for you to carry the essentials when you go out, or if this is a gift for your daughter, niece, cousin, etc, they can carry around a few toys and must have items while you’re out and about!

tab lifted

tab lifted

The bag body

The bag body





Button close up

Button close up

I also just got a dress form model 🙂 Here’s a semi-decent example of what’s to come!


P.S. If you LOVE this bag and have to have it… you can get it HERE 🙂


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Black and Grey!

I finally finished my bigger loom knitted messenger bag! I used the green loom which is the 2nd largest loom! I love this bag, it came out awesomely! I also reinforced the straps just in case if the person who is receiving the bag wants to carry heavier things in it 🙂 This is a gift for a friend and I really hope they like it! Anyway, here it is!


Loom Knitted Messenger Bag

This is my first tutorial I have ever written! I hope it is clear enough! I have this project on my Ravelry page as well 🙂

I will be showing how to make this messenger bag:


Loom hook

Plastic looming needle

Yellow long loom (if using knifty knitter brand looms, if not, use the second largest loom in the series)


Spool Loom for strap


This bag was made entirely out of looms, except for the loop part to close the bag. That is a simple crochet chain.

You start with the body of the bag. Depending on how wide you want your bag, is the Long Loom you will use. I used the yellow Long Loom, Knifty Knitter series. This is the second smallest loom in the series. I used two skeins of Simply Soft by Caron and doubled knitted them. The colors were Ocean and Blue Mint. You can use a single yarn, or do both. I liked the texture of the two yarns together and how it was bulkier. This is how it will look to begin:

To begin, you will cast on with the double-knit stitch, or the basic scarf stitch. At first the bag will look like a long scarf. You will continue to make the “scarf” until it is the desired length of the bag body. Continue working on the body until you have enough to create a flap that will close the top of the messenger bag. This is my halfway point:

When you reach the desired length, cast off using the crochet hook. Now you will take your knitting needle that is provided with your looming kit. String some of the yarn you used on your bag and begin sewing the sides of the bag to create the bag part. Do not stitch the sides all the way up, leave enough for a flap to fold over.

Once both sides are sewn, this is the time to add the bead or button for your closure. I used a 20mm wooden bead, and using the needle, sewed it onto the body of the bag. For the loop closure, I crocheted a simple chain, and attached it to the bag where it would loop over the bead.

For the strap I used the Spool Loom (Knifty Knitter brand). I also double knitted these and followed the directions as per a simple Icord. Leave enough yarn on both sides of the strap to attach it to the bag. You can tie it on with the extra yarn at the ends of the straps that you left.

And there you have it! A simple messenger bag, made completely from looms! Good luck, and please share your completed projects!

Here are more finished pictures:

-Melli ❤