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Rainbow Eyelet Scarf

I know I haven’t been around much! So much catching up to do with everyone, but first I need to share this new creation!

I decided to come and show you this amazingly gorgeous new creation of mine! I’ll bore you with a story first though!

I was walking around one of my favorite craft stores, when I found a pattern book called “How to loom knit fashionable scarves.” Now the title may throw you off a bit, scarves are ALWAYS fashionable πŸ˜‰ In this book was a pattern that was just too pretty not to try! Come home, armed with this book and I picked some gorgeous rainbow yarn to start this project. This scarf is called a Westminster Eyelet Scarf, and it is reminiscent of lace work. I’m amazed at how gorgeous this turned out. I have listed it in my store, it is ready to go home with anyone who feels that need to have it (which is everyone!). You can find the scarf listed in my shop Melli’s Yarn Works on storenvy.

Now onto the pictures!IMG_1896






Infinity Scarf/Cowl Tutorial

Infinity Scarf/Cowl Tutorial

For this tutorial you will need:
Largest round loom in the set (mine is a 41 peg round loom)
Loom Knitting Hook
Crochet Hook (I used a size J)
Yarn (you can double or single strand, any size yarn will work)

To do this tutorial you will need to know how to make the following stitches: E-wrap method, knit stitch, purl stitch, and how to bind off/single crochet off (all of these stitches have been linked to YouTube tutorial videos for your convenience).

To begin, cast on and e-wrap your first row. E-wrap your second row and start your project just like you would a hat.

Continue e-wrapping and creating rows until your project reaches between 14 and 18 inches in length. The length is up to you, the cowl will just be shorter the less rows you make.

To finish your piece, simply take your crochet hook, and crochet off your project. Because it is a cowl, you do not want to completely shut off the other end. Be sure to make your stitches as lose as possible! This end will be a bit tighter than your beginning opening, but the looser your stitches, the more it will remedy this problem.

Make sure to tie off both ends. The two ends will have a rolled brim to them. If you do not want this to happen, you can do four rows of knit 2 pegs purl 2 pegs at the beginning of the piece and at the end. This will reduce that curling/rolled brim effect. I have done it both ways, and honestly prefer to the rolled brims on both sides!

And there you have it, and easy cowl/infinity scarf made on your round looms! If you want to make a children’s size you can always go down round loom sizes.

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Here are some of my finished cowls to give you a small example πŸ™‚

One of them on the loom

One of them on the loom



Finished- Double Stranded with two colors

Bright Blue one, single stranded

Bright Blue one, single stranded one color


Double stranded one color

Double stranded one color

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New Items and Rebranding Update!

Hello there!
If you have been on facebook or twitter the last few days you may have noticed my name change! My store name changed and received a new look! It is now called Melli’s Yarn Works, and rebranding this blog is still being decided upon!

Until then… I did finish these two pieces! I was waiting for my new logo to be made to list them up and I have also been working on taking better pictures! Here they are, one is a cowl/infinity scarf and the other is a toddler hat! They are both available in my shop starting today! Enjoy and thank you for reading!



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Custom LSU Colored Set

This order came to from an Army buddy of mine πŸ™‚ She requested two hats, a scarf and wrist warmers in purple and yellow which are LSU’s team colors! I was more than happy to make all of these, though I will admit it took me almost three weeks to finish!

Here are some of the final pictures I was able to get before shipping the items off to her πŸ™‚






These were all made with two different yarns, both 100% acrylic. I’m pleased to say, she liked them a lot!

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Rainbow Time!

It appears it is rainbow time! My two newest works are a rainbow ear flap hat with tassels, and a rainbow ruffle scarf! Also in the works is a set of neon wrist warmers πŸ˜‰ Neon must be in! lol

Here are some of the pictures. I am still debating on listing these items or not. Both were loom knitted (yes the ruffle scarf was made on a loom!!!!) and are epically colorful and awesome!

Enjoy ❀






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Snowflake Scarf

Here’s the latest item off of my loom- Snowflake scarf! It is a snowflake scarf, because that is what the yarn is called! This scarf is really long and soft, and measures approximately 72 inches in length!

I was recently told I have been accepted into a local Arts and Crafts Fair, so I will be taking all my jewelry items and everything else I can make. The dates are November 17th and 18th, so if you’re around or near Surprise, AZ on those days, you should stop by! πŸ™‚