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Hats, Blankets, Hooks and More!

Hello! I haven’t been around in forever it seems! I hope everyone’s doing well 🙂

I’ll make this post a fun one! Full of pictures and happy thoughts.

I took a bit of a break to focus on school and to also deal with some personal stuff. I’ve also been thinking a lot about creating a super awesome wrist warmer pattern and putting it for sale in my Etsy store. It’d be at least 10 pages of awesome pictures and instructions along with additional comments on how to make changes! Thoughts?

Moving onto the fun pictures! First, the latest slouchy berets! The San Martine one is available in the stores if you wish to take it home with you.

San Martine Slouchy beret



Custom Slouchy Beret


Now, I’m part of a loom-a-long group on Facebook. So many fun patterns to do and try out! Right now I am working on a 10-stitch blanket to be given as a gift when I am done. I am also starting a 10 stitch twist one which is being released in sections so the first section is the inner circle. Whew!


10 stitch blanket progress


Inner Circle


I have some of the sweetest friends too ❤ My friend sent me surprise mail and inside was a gorgeous new hook! I can’t wait to get started using it!

Lovely new hook!

Lovely new hook!

If you want to keep up even more, join me on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram. I post there very frequently and always enjoy meeting new people there ❤



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Rainbow Eyelet Scarf

I know I haven’t been around much! So much catching up to do with everyone, but first I need to share this new creation!

I decided to come and show you this amazingly gorgeous new creation of mine! I’ll bore you with a story first though!

I was walking around one of my favorite craft stores, when I found a pattern book called “How to loom knit fashionable scarves.” Now the title may throw you off a bit, scarves are ALWAYS fashionable 😉 In this book was a pattern that was just too pretty not to try! Come home, armed with this book and I picked some gorgeous rainbow yarn to start this project. This scarf is called a Westminster Eyelet Scarf, and it is reminiscent of lace work. I’m amazed at how gorgeous this turned out. I have listed it in my store, it is ready to go home with anyone who feels that need to have it (which is everyone!). You can find the scarf listed in my shop Melli’s Yarn Works on storenvy.

Now onto the pictures!IMG_1896





Minion Hat!

LOOK! I’m so excited about this 🙂

It all started when my best friend showed me a picture of a minion hat. She said she would LOVE one for Christmas, and if I could make it for her. I have a pretty basic knowledge of crocheting, but nothing that would help me make such an intricate character hat. So I adapted the picture for a loom! I learned so many new things, such as how to make ear flaps, add tassels, and how to make a round using a circle loom. In all essence, this is what I ended up with, and my best friend LOVED it!



He’s not 100% perfect, and if I ever make another one, I know how to make it better 🙂 If anyone’s interested in a pattern, I’d be more than happy to make a tutorial at a later date!

My brother also wanted a surprise for his girlfriend, so I made him a red hat with a pom pom on top 🙂 Here’s that hat, it was pretty fun and simple to make!



Well, that’s what’s come off my loom most recently! I will be posting another post very soon with the custom LSU colored set! I’m just about finished with the wrist warmers, got a bit of ways to go on the scarf and need to start the hats 🙂

Until next time!

Don’t forget, if you use code HOLIDAY15 in my Mish Mash store, you will get 15% off! Happy shopping!